What’s in a name? Leeds Custom Design

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“I recently had the honor of watching a sign installed on the wall of a very successful business, and it reminded me about the value of “one’s good name”.

While a crane hoisted the shiny new marquee into its place and workmen secured it, I stood next to the businesses’ founder, a hard working entrepreneur who had poured his life into this enterprise.

I could imagine him rallying his staff every Monday to meet client deadlines, to create a product that surpassed that of his competitors, and to do it with joyful exuberance. Knowing human nature, he likely had to inspire and cajole them every day of every week to meet his vision of excellence. Every job that left his shop would be a reflection of his standards.

Excellence is in the details, and orchestrating excellence project after project, takes a charismatic and tireless leader. His business grew by word of mouth and would continue to do so just on the strength of his name. My advertising sign was just a bow on the package. His customers would continue to call him first, knowing in advance, this is a man who delivers on his promises, and with every promise kept, he adds to the equity of his good name. Our firm has done logos for some world-renowned companies, but I’ve never been more proud of a sign than this one.”